Bailliage Du Koweit

The Bailliage du Koweit was formed on 25th April 1982 and now has 90 active members.

The objective of the Chaine is to create friendship amongst gourmets in nice surroundings with people who appreciate excellent food and beverages.

Functions, dinners and luncheons are organized regularly excluding the summer months. Each year, the Kuwait Bailliage arranges nine Gala Dinners in cooperation with the five star hotels, Charity Dinners, and a special or casual event.

Members are invited, together with their guests and prospective new members to enjoy these gourmet gatherings.

There are several rules of the Chaine des Rotisseurs and these are to be strictly adhered to during all functions: -

  • No smoking until coffee is served.

  • No salt and pepper on the tables.

  • No one is allowed to get up from the table until the meal is completed. (Unless absolutely necessary)

  • Mobile phones are to be switched off during functions.

  • No political and religious conversations are permitted.

  • Attire should be national dress or black tie.

Oath of the Rotisseurs

I pledge that as a member of The Chaine des Rotisseurs, I will at all time honour the art of cuisine and the culture of the table. I pledge to always fulfill my obligations of brotherhood and of respect for my fellow members of The Chaine des Rotisseurs.

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